Human Rights

Develop an in-depth understanding of human rights, with a particular emphasis on human rights responsibilities in the context of the workplace and for service providers. Starting with an overview of the human rights legal system, the program explains what constitutes discrimination and harassment and related topics, such as the duty to accommodate undue hardship and reprisal. Participants learn strategic tools to deal with human rights concerns through this experiential workshop and will leave better equipped to handle the important steps required to ensure compliance with human rights law, including the duty to investigate.

Conflict Management

Offering an in-depth examination of interpersonal conflict, this workshop is designed to provide a hands-on opportunity to hone conflict resolution skills. Start by exploring the dynamics of conflict and learn to identify what tensions commonly underlie disputes, especially in the workplace. Participants will gain insight into their own conflict resolution style and consider what elements of their style can help or hamper conflict resolution. Through interactive exercises, participants will practice techniques to enhance their active listening skills, particularly for managing difficult communications; learn how to approach potential conflict; develop competencies for effectively resolving disagreements; and leave with a toolkit of best practices.


Focusing on the fundamental skills of negotiation, such as: how to prepare for a negotiation, how to evaluate your options and strengths and weakness of the other party’s position, what are merits of information sharing and asking questions, and how to go about creating value for a more optimal negotiated result. Participants will engage in simulation exercises to practice their skills of trading across options and the use of mediation techniques to create value. The simulation exercises will allow participants to compare their actual behavior to the theoretical concepts and serve as the basis for a discussion of strategic responses when negotiating multi-issue agreements.