Training Exercises

Ena Chadha has authored a variety of Case Studies and Role Play Exercises, many based on real-world disputes, for use in executive training. These materials promote an experiential approach to learning techniques, concepts, and the psychology behind the theories of conflict resolution and negotiation. The Case Studies and Role Plays provide participants with insight into different negotiation and conflict resolution styles and an opportunity to learn, practice and skills necessary to navigate constructive conflict resolution while facing complex, yet realistic, dilemmas. Some examples are:

“It’s A Problem” Conversation – a two-party role-play exercise involving the competing goals of two senior employees. This exercise highlights conflict management and communication strategies.

Taming Team Tensions – a three-party role-play exercise involving a manager addressing a dispute between two integral team members. This exercise highlights mediation skills and brokering different work styles.

Recruiting the Best – a two-party role-play exercise involving senior colleagues discussing an ethical dilemma. This exercise highlights the mental processes involved in evaluating and deciding between organizational versus personal interests.

Heard it Through the Grapevine – a multi-party role-play exercise involving a mediator and three litigants trying to settle a hostile work environment complaint. This exercise highlights the negotiation and communication skills necessary for formal mediation.