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Ena Chadha writes extensively about social justice issues. Her articles are published in the Supreme Court Law Review and the National Journal of Constitutional Law. Ena has served as a contributing editor of the Journal of Law and Social Policy and peer reviewer for various publications.






Chadha E., “Communicate Clearly: A Key Way to Protect Against Human Rights Complaints”, (2015) 2:2 Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership 42


Chadha E., “Human Rights Disclosure Litigation: Uncovering Invisible Medical Records”, (2010) 28 Windsor Y.B. Access Just. 153


Chadha E., “‘Mentally Defectives’ Not Welcome: Mental Disability in Canadian Immigration Law, 1859-1927”, (2008) 28:1 Disability Studies Quarterly Journal


Rosenbaum P. and Chadha E., “Reconstructing Disability: Integrating Disability Theory into Section 15” (2006) 33 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 343-365


Chadha E., “Running on Empty: The ‘Not So Special Status’ Of Paratransit Services In Ontario” (2005) 20 Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 1-40


Chadha E. and Sheldon T., “Promoting Equality: Economic and Social Rights For Persons With Disabilities Under Section 15” (2004) 16 National Journal of Constitutional Law 25-98


Chadha E. and Schatz L., “Human Dignity and Economic Integrity For Persons With Disabilities: A Commentary on the Supreme Court’s Decisions in Granovsky and Martin” (2004) 19 Journal of Law and Social Policy 94-122


Chadha E. and Holder B., “Case Commentary - Turnbull, et al. v. Famous Players” (2002) 17 Journal of Law and Social Policy 145-156


Book Chapters

Book Chapter – Article 6 Women With Disabilities, co-author R. Mytikiuk, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Commentary (Oxford University Press forthcoming Sept 2018)

Mykitiuk R. and Chadha E., “Sites of Exclusion: Disabled Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights” in Critical Perspectives on Human Rights and Disability Law, (eds.) L.A. Basser, M. Jones & M. Rioux (Martinus Nijhoff, Brill Publishers, 2010)


Chadha E. “The Social Phenomenon of Handicapping” Adding Feminism to Law: The Contributions of Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dubé (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2004) 209-227.


For a full listing of Ms. Chadha's conference presentations and papers, please download her CV here.

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