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Legal Advice & Representation

Human rights cases are increasing complex. Ena has over 25 years of experience providing human rights legal services as a litigator, adjudicator and mediator. She has acted as counsel and served as the adjudicator in many important human rights decisions. She provides advice and representation in a broad range of areas, including employment, education, health care, policing, housing, contracts, professional discipline and student appeals. She is an expert with respect to issues of disability, race, gender and harassment. Ena can help you navigate the human rights system, for example:

  • Filing or defending a human rights complaint before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario or other administrative bodies

  • Dealing with sexual harassment, racism, bullying or other forms of mistreatment

  • Seeking human rights accommodation in employment, services or housing

  • Understanding your rights or responsibilities under Ontario’s Human Rights Code

  • When pursuing or defending litigation, help effectively resolve human rights complaints through mediation

  • Writing persuasive submissions regarding discrimination, harassment and systemic issues

  • Ensuring compliance with administrative requirements

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